Networking — Simplify communications with built-in Ethernet and broad standards support
With ICL’s built-in networking capabilities you can connect to your system from just about anywhere through your PC, tablet or cell phone. You can connect virtually any SCADA device or process control instrument across virtually any network, and 'glue together' third-part devices without protocol converters.

ICL SCADA controllers and RTUs come with Ethernet built in, providing a high-speed means of configuration and easy back-up, the ability to transfer information and files, lively animated HMI displays and a way to send out alarm notifications. ICL products support one of the largest selections of industry-standard network protocols including Modbus, Ethernet IP, DNP3 and high-security protocols like SDX to ensure open connectivity.

ICL products support:

 Modbus TCPIP/UDP (Master and Slave)
 DNP3 (Master and Slave)
 Ethernet IP (Master and Slave)
 SDX (Master and Slave)
(Encrypted Secure Data Exchange)
 HTTP (Web Server)
 FTP (File Transfer)
 Telnet (Simple Text HMI)
 E-Mail (Alarms and Reports 
with Log Attachments)

Access controllers from practically anywhere—a simple, reliable approach that saves time and money.
The Industry’s Best Warranty
ICL’s products are designed for reliable performance in even the harshest environments, with robust built-in transient and surge protection, military-grade internal coatings and extended operating temperatures. Many ICL products also carry Class 1 Div 2 Hazardous Location ratings from UL in both the United States and Canada. All ICL products are covered by an industry leading 3-year warranty, so that you can rest assured that your investment is safe and secure for years to come.
SCADA-Expert Engineering Support
SCADA applications are systems, not just a collection of components. ICL not only helps you select the best components for a job, but helps with the overall system design including assistance with interfacing to 3rd party devices, developing reliable radio system designs with radio path studies and system modeling, as well as solar power design calculations for remote locations. Our expert engineering staff averages more than 20 years in the business to help you get up and running fast.
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