Industrial Control Links - Innovative SCADA Solutions
Industrial Control Links, Inc. (ICL) is the proven source for high quality, performance-driven control and data communications equipment. Our software tools, SCADA controllers, RTUs and distributed I/O modules provide thoroughly integrated, easy-to-use solutions for remote monitoring, data collection and control of municipal and industrial systems. Our technology leverages the accessible and cost-saving nature of the Internet to combine into an integrated solution features that typically require separate modules and costs.

ICL develops and manufactures ruggedized, highly reliable process controls serving the SCADA system needs of the water, waste water, power, gas and oil markets as well as industrial manufacturing facilities worldwide. ICL products are constructed for continual operation in extra wide temperature ranges and are backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

ICL was founded in 1986 and began operations in the San Francisco Bay Area as an electronics research and development firm. In 1992, the company relocated to Auburn, California just east of Sacramento to develop a more cost-competitive product manufacturing capability. In 1998, ICL built its modern 23,000 square foot manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters.

Industrial Control Links—Innovative SCADA solutions for higher productivity and extreme reliability.
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